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By | November 18, 2016

I must admit that I seem to have spent most of my life searching for that perfect love.  It was not until I started to date this really hot girl at London escorts I finally found the love of my life. Nina had been working for London escorts for about six months when we met. She is one of these girls who loves to have fun and is one of the most gorgeous sex kittens that you will ever have seen. I loved being with her from the word go, and now we spend a lot of time together.

It did not take me long to realize that I was in love with Nina. As soon as she had gone back to her boudoir at London escorts, I found that I missed her. It was kind of hard for me to let her go, and after a little while, I did realize that she was the one for me. The only problem was that I was a bit older than her, and did not know if she would be interested in having a personal relationship with me. After all, she had just started her career with London escorts.

One night I had to send her away. I had just come back from a business trip from New York and forgotten that I had arranged a date with her. It was not that I was too tired to see her, I was just not feeling well at all. She seemed a bit hurt but she clearly realized that I was unwell. I thought that I had caught flu in New York and did not want to pass it on to her and her friends at London escorts. It was actually the first time that I had sent a girl from London escorts back to her place and I felt that I was not doing the right thing.

After Nina had gone back to London escorts, I started to feel really poorly. I was sweating like mad and my chest was hurting. My brother came around to surprise me and he ended up calling an ambulance. It turned out that I was having a minor heart attack but fortunately my brother’s quick response saved me. When I woke up in the the hospital the next morning, Nina who is one of the most fantastic escorts was sitting by my bedside. She said that I had told my brother to call her.

I cannot remember that at all, but the blond beauty sitting by my bedside in her jogging bottoms and t-shirt looked like an angel. There is no way the nurses would have thought she worked for London escorts. Ever since that day, Nina and I have been together. When I came back home from the hospital. I decided to change my lifestyle. Now I only work a little bit on an advisory basis. The rest of the time I spend with Nina and our family. To be honest, three daughters keep me more busy than any full time job could. Not only have I found one love of my life, but I have been blessed with three more since. But I must admit that having an heart attack was going to extremes as a way of finding the love of your life…

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