Bizarre Apps For Your Phone

By | November 23, 2018

You can have too many apps on your phone and cause it to run slow. But when you work long hours as I do at London escorts, it is fun to have at least a few apps on your phone. When I have a break, I love to play with my apps. It all started when one of the girls I work with at charlotte London escorts downloaded bingo apps on her phone and spread from there. Now I have bingo apps and other gaming apps on my own. They may seem a little mindless but I must admit that I really like them. Just a source of amusement when I have some downtime at charlotte London escorts.

Another app which I rather like is called Don’t tap the glass. It is a silly app that I downloaded when I came across on my way home from London escorts in the back of a taxi one night. The app is based on a goldfish bowl. You tap the bowl and the goldfish pulls a face at you. I have shown it to many of my gents at London escorts and they all think it is a bit of fun. It is the sort of app that can put a smile on your face.The other app that I downloaded a few days ago and have just started to play with at charlotte London escorts, is a pimple popping app. It was not my idea but rather it was one of the other girls who work for the same London escorts service as me. She has this fetish about popping pimples and she came across this app. It is totally disgusting really, but if you do like apps which are a little bit bizarre, it is the perfect app for you. It is not the sort of app I would like to spend a long time using.Not all of the apps which I have on my phone are bizarre and game oriented. I love my Libby apps which allows me to access free audio and ebooks.

It is a great idea and I have shared with many of the girls at London escorts. If you just want to have some time to yourself, I think it is one of the best apps on the market. On top of that, it is totally free of charge and I find it better than using Amazon for ebooks and stuff like that. Now, I have an app, especially for my London escorts dates. A lot of the men I date are pretty well off and I am sure that many of them don’t know what to do with their money.

I love to have a giggle with them from time to time, and I have downloaded an app which shows them things which they could buy with their money. Of course, I would rather have them buy me presents, but at the same time, they may want to spoil themselves with something special. It is a pretty good app, and if you ever make a million, it could be the right app for your phone.

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