London Escorts Discuss Dating Sites

By | October 14, 2015

Dating web sites are they fraud or fiction? Recently I have really started to wonder about dating web sites. One of my London escorts friends signed up for a dating website and I think she was defrauded by the website. She did not pay a very large amount of money to join but she found it difficult to leave. Tina has been working for London escorts services for two years. She would desperately like to have a good relationship but like so many London escorts, she is finding this really difficult. Although she loves to date, she has not been able to find the man of her private dreams.

When Tina initially signed up for the dating site, she got loads of messages to say how pretty she was and guys wanted to chat to her. The only problem was that none of the messages lead to dates. Tina was really disappointed and told me plus the rest of her London escorts friends about the situation. I think that we all said something like are the messages for real and do these people actually exist. When she showed us photos of the same of the guys and girls on the site, they were just as stunning as London escorts and it made me wonder – were they real?

Once back home I started to go through the site that Tina had signed up for and to my surprise I came across some famous faces. It turned out that even Kylie Jenner was a member of this site, or at least someone was using her picture. I did not tell Tina straight away, instead I told our London escorts friends. I wanted them to check it out to make sure that I wasn’t going mad. To my surprise some of the girls came back straight away, and said that they had even found photos of London escorts that they knew.

This makes me wonder how real dating web sites really are, finding photos of London escorts on the site made me wonder what was going on. A few wakes later Tina’s membership was up for renewal. She wrote to the site and said that she did not want to renew as she had not had any success. Low and behold, all of a sudden Tina was bombarded with message from guys who wanted dates and they were more gorgeous than the next. In the following days Tina was sent loads of messages and she was becoming really suspicious. One day a message appeared in her in box. The images showed a really sexy guy but the problem was that Tina knew him. He works as part of a group of male London escorts, and is certainly not a member of any dating sites.

After that Tina decided that the site was indeed a fraud and did not renew her membership. They must have staff members who sit their and put together profiles. When they put together the profiles, they must use any photos of the Internet. Tina was hugely disappointed but with the help of her London escorts friends, she did manage to get over it.

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